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October 31, 2023

Today is a very special day for lots people, children and adults. It is a day to hand out candy, to get candy, to dress up, to hang out with friends, to get into the spirit, and to have fun. 

It is a day to think about the pros and cons of Halloween on physical therapy.


A lot of people spend more time on their feet. Whether it is standing at a party or walking the neighborhood it is a day where our activity level generally increases. Recently, the saying “sitting is the new smoking” has become a more normal thought, but Halloween gets some of us more active. Standing, moving, and just being more active is better for our health and can be a good habit to start as winter approaches. 

It is just plain fun! Getting out of the house and mingling with our friends and neighbors all have positive effects on how we feel!


Candy! It tastes great and is a delicious treat, but there really is nothing good that candy provides us. Its nutritional value is almost nothing and it has more things that rot our teeth, negatively affect our metabolism, and provides us many other poor health benefits.

We have to make sure who we are mingling with and what are we receiving are safe. Be aware of your surroundings, avoid large crowds of people you do not know, avoid people who may be feeling sick, and make sure to double check that any goodies you receive are unopened, untampered, and safe.