Louisville, Plattsmouth & Hooper Ne 68031

The staff at Witte Physical Therapy show care and compassion. Their goal is to get the patient back to feeling normal. They are very connected to the communities that they serve and their strive to make them better. If I need physical therapy again I will reach out to Witte Physical Therapy! - Joyce C.

I very highly recommend Witte Physical Therapy. Dan and his staff are very knowledgeable and personable! - Sheri M.

Witte Physical Therapy is a safe environment with individual therapists for each patient. I am making remarkable progress with my new knee. Soon all will be right again thanks to Witte Physical Therapy! - Bill S.

The staff is really good at pinpointing exercises to help you do the things you want to do. They also make it fun! - Keith G.

I am going to be even better than I was before surgery thanks to Witte Physical Therapy! - Mark S.

Witte Physical Therapy is a fun place to come and do my therapy. The staff is very caring and great to work with! - Connie J.

Dr. Witte and his team do a great job of listening to your needs and assisting you to get back where you need to be. They make you feel as though you are the only patient and with their knowledge and experience, they are very effective. - Dee H.