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Manual therapy is one of the many tools that we use at Witte Physical Therapy to improve your pain, form, and function so that you can return to living your best pain free life. Manual therapy consists of many tools to improve your symptoms. Soft tissue mobilization and instrument aided soft tissue mobilization are used to decrease tone and improve soft tissue extensibility. Joint mobilizations are used to increase the joint mobility and range of motion of any joint in your body. Trigger point and active release therapies can be used to decrease the tone and symptoms of “knots” in your body. Functional dry needling is another tool we can use to improve your tone, extensibility, and to decrease trigger points. Cupping is using suction cups to increase blood flow and decrease inflammation. All these interventions fall under the category of manual therapy. These are just a few of the manual therapy tools that Witte Physical Therapy can use to improve your function. When manual therapy is used in conjunction with exercise, modalities, and a home exercise program your chance of success is much greater and Witte Physical Therapy offers all of these and more!

Manual therapy