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Physical therapy can be used for a variety of things and one of the more important items is working on fall prevention. Falls are a leading cause of hospitalizations in the United States. Fall can cause sprains and strains, or more concerning fractures, head injuries, and life long lingering deficits. It is important that we do all we can do to decrease our risk of falling. Physical therapy utilizes a variety of tests of measures to determine what your most likely cause or causes of a fall could be. Therapists look at your motion, strength, balance, vestibular function, eyesight, environmental factors, home setup, etc, to ensure that we are getting the total picture of what your life is like. From these assessments we then start a plan tailored to your needs and your life to make sure that we are addressing all the factors that could cause you to fall. Utilizing in clinic treatments, a home exercise plan, and adjustments to your lifestyle and environment we can help you keep your risk of falling as low as possible.