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Unfortunately, sometimes injuries happen while you are at your place of employment. When these injuries occur, it is possible that your employer may be liable for your medical costs. When they are this is called worker’s compensation. This means that your health insurance does not provide your benefits for your healthcare, but your employer’s does. This can be confusing as you often must work with a case manager, an adjustor, and a HR representative to get your care started, throughout your care, and to end your care. This can also include a disability rating at the end along with paying for your cost of care. 

Physical therapy comes into play when it is needed after a worker’s compensation claim has been started. Your therapist will help you to improve your pain, get your mobility and strength back, improve your ability to return to work safely, and get you back to work as efficiently as possible. We will also work to help you understand the worker’s compensation process and we will work with your case manager and claims adjuster to ensure that you are taken care. This includes getting authorizations for your visits and ensuring that payments are made on your behalf. We work to be your advocate and your healthcare provider. 

Worker's Compensation Physical Therapy