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A lot of people know what a concussion is, but don’t know how it is treated. A concussion is a “brain bruise” and can cause a range of symptoms. These symptoms can be mild to severe and can last for several hours to several months. Knowing that concussions and their severities are found within a wide range, how would you work to treat these issues. 

Treatment starts with rest and recovery. The intensity of the rest and the schedule that it requires can be managed by your PT. This rest period, along with the actual brain injury, can cause issues with muscle strength and overall activity tolerance. Your PT can set up a plan to help you improve these deficits without causing any increased stress to your injury. Often patients have a balance issue and/or an issue with dizziness. Therapy will work to improve your coordination, vestibular, and balance deficits to return you safely back to all activities. PT can also work on the headaches that often accompany your concussion. As you are improving in all these areas a home exercises program will be provided and adjusted based on your needs and what stage you are at in rehab. Finally, a return to play program will be provided so that you can safely return to work, school, sports, etc. As with the varying degrees of the concussion severity the treatment program and duration will vary between patients based on a variety of factors. Your PT can help answer these questions and work through these stages as efficiently as possible.

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