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Let’s Get Back Into A Routine!

August 15, 2023

Lack of Strength

As school is beginning to get started again for another year many of us are getting reminded of what is feels like to get back on schedule or to start a new routine. Our children are getting used to going to bed at a specific time and will soon be learning about their new routine for their school and class schedules. Even as parents we are getting used to being home more at night, ensuring our children (and ourselves) are getting the proper amount of sleep, and a new morning routine to try to get out of the house on time for school and work. Routines provide structure and promote physical and mental health benefits. While the word routine may bring on feelings of boredom, stress, or anxiety, it can be a very valuable tool in living our lives to their fullest.

We use the word routine a lot in therapy. It is one of the tools that we use to help a patient reach their fullest potential as quickly as possible. We try to develop a new routine for the patient that includes their home exercise plan, which is an integral part of an effective and efficient physical therapy plan of care. It is important that the therapist and the patient work together to develop a home exercise plan that they can complete and commit to. Making a plan with small changes and adjustments that are built around our current life and habits may make the routine easier to establish and follow.

Take some time as we work to get back into the school and fall season to begin to make a routine for you and your family to follow. Use the next few months of 2023 to try out this routine, make adjustments, and reflect on how it is working. This can allow for clearer resolutions for 2024 and catapult you into next year!