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Tips for Walking on Ice or Snow

January 24, 2023


This time of year we are worrying every week about ice and snow. It seems like lately we are getting more ice than snow and this can create some slippery issues. Let’s talk about some tips to avoid those slips and falls on the ice and snow that can land you in the ER!

Plan Ahead: It is important to plan extra time for your travel. Whether you are driving or walking, slowing down and taking some time can help you avoid the big fall. This extra time also will allow you to take a minute to survey your surroundings and set your course before you take off

Shoe Traction: Make sure you buy and wear the appropriate shoes with the right amount of traction. Avoid heels and wear shoes with rubber or neoprene bottoms for better traction.

Use Caution When Entering or Exiting Your Car or a Building: Use your hands to grab onto handrails, car doors, or the vehicle itself. Keep your hands out of your pockets and available to help. Take your time to make sure you look before you step down or up and keep your center of gravity over the leg you are standing on.

Walk on Sidewalks: Make sure to stay on paths where the snow is clear. Avoid walking over grass, uneven terrain, or large piles of snow or ice. Don’t use your phone when walking.

Walk Safely: It is important to take smaller steps and to stay slightly forward and your toes and soles of your feet. Avoid walking on your heels or leaning back.

Of course we can do all of these great things and still have a slip or fall. If you do fall try not to reach out your hand or arm to catch yourself. Try to make sequential contact with your thigh, hip, or shoulder. Tuck your chin and try to avoid hitting your head on ground.


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