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Its Fair Time!!!!

August 9, 2022

One of my favorite times every year is the when the county fairs get going in early August. I have fond memories of my time in 4H and spending time at the county fair. I really enjoyed getting to see my 4H friends, getting to show off my animals, and having the opportunity to spend so much time and do some many things at the fairgrounds. As I am now an adult I get the relive some of those experiences. Last week I spent an afternoon at the Dodge County Fair and this week I plan to spend some time at the Cass County Fair (where our Louisville and Plattsmouth clinics are located). While I will not be showing any animals, the fair still provides an opportunity to see a lot of people and to reconnect with them and some found memories. 

Being in 4H provides so many wonderful opportunities and experiences for our youth. Perhaps one of the best things that it does is to teach them about responsibility, project and time management. These are all things I still use as a physical therapist and that our patients can use to get better. It is important to have and take responsibility and ownership in what we are doing. Our therapists take responsibility in making sure that they are doing their due diligence and absolute best to get our patients what they need. This ensures that we are providing the best, most efficient and individualized care as possible. 

Project and time management are also important attributes for our therapists and patients. It is important for our patients to understand that “project management” occurs in two forms. One, as a member of their healthcare team in the clinic, and two as their own project manager outside the clinic. When our patients work to doing their home exercise program, improve their movement quality, and make routine adjustments to their daily life they are often improving much more efficiently. This efficiency leads to better time management in the clinic and at home. 

4H and the county fair has provided me with many attributes and memories that are still present with me today. These things have had tremendous carry over into other aspects of my adult life. I hope everyone can get out to their county fairs this summer, see the exhibits, meet the vendors, enjoy the food and fellowship, and reflect on what these fairs mean and how their values can be applicable to all aspects of our lives.