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Modalities and Physical Therapy

March 8, 2022

To help reach your physical therapy goals there are a variety of tools we can utilize to reduce your pain, your muscle tightness or inflammation.

Ultrasound is one of those tools we can use and there is variety of ways we can use it. First, therapeutic ultrasound utilizes sound waves to help speed up cellar processes to help injured tissue heal quicker. Therapeutic ultrasound can also be utilized to penetrate heat into deeper tissues including tendons, muscles, and ligaments to improve circulation, healing processes, tissue extensibility and pain.


Another tool in our toolbox includes electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation is often referred to as IFC (Interferential current) or TENS (transcutaneous electrical stimulation) and it is the treatment of low voltage electrical currents utilized to block pain receptors leading to pain relief benefits. Patches or electrodes are placed surrounding your area of pain, the e-stim unit is turned on and a gentle tingling sensation is typically felt. Duration of treatment can vary depending on treatment area and intensity of pain.

Combination therapy is the use of ultrasound with electrical stimulation simultaneously which can be utilized to reduce muscular spams, promote improved circulation and to improve muscular activation.

Utilizing a vasopneumatic device is a machine that is attached to a sleeve or brace that is wrapped around affected body part that pumps ice cold water and air through the sleeve for compressive and pain relief benefits. Most commonly vasopneumatic devices are utilized postsurgical to reduce swelling and pain.

Talk to your therapist today to see if any of these treatment options would be beneficial to you!