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Telehealth Physical Therapy

February 1, 2022

With the pandemic there have been changes in our way of life. Telehealth is just another one on the list. Telehealth allows for you to visit us through your computer. We use video and audio platforms to communicate visually and audially with you to provide your physical therapy treatments. While we cannot perform any manual therapy or palpation, we can watch how you move and what issues you are having at home. We can show you how to complete your home exercise program and work through some movement quality issues. Telehealth is a very reasonable option for many who cannot or do not want to leave the house to come into the clinic.

At Witte Physical Therapy we use a secure, HIPPA compliant platform. Once your appointment is scheduled, we email you the instructions you need to securely log in and start your treatment time with the therapist. We can also communicate via email with your exercise plan, and you can communicate with your therapist securely through our patient platform.