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Running Tips

Running Safety Tips


            As fall weather nears and cool temperatures set in, seasonal runners might increase their outdoor jogs before winter temperatures set in. There are many important tips to follow to help you run smart and safe. The following are 10 reminders:

  1. Plan your run ahead of time. Be prepared for inclement weather conditions. Avoid running if there are threats of lightning or dangerous storms. If there is lightning, find a low area to run and tree cover to be as protected as possible. It is also important to know where you are going to run so that you can have the most efficient run possible and avoid getting lost.
  2. Only use one earbud if listening to music. This will help you to be aware of your surroundings including traffic, other runners, bikers, even animals.
  3. Carry your ID. It is important to have your ID on you in case of emergencies. A card holder on your phone allows for compact storage during activity. 
  4. Have your phone on you. If you prefer to run without your phone, make sure someone knows where you plan to be running. If the phone seems too cumbersome to take on a run, try clothing with pockets or a lightweight secure bag.
  5. Run against traffic. This allows oncoming drivers to see you in advance especially around bends in the road. If you are running on a sidewalk or trail run on the right and pass on the left. 
  6. Be visible. Wear bright colored clothing or wear light reflecting accessories to allow others to see you more easily and avoid an accident.
  7. Be aware of animals. Depending on your location, wild life or dogs may be a threat while running.
  8. Run with others. This can help time pass by quickly and allow for help during an emergency. Dogs can make great running buddies as well!
  9. Follow basic traffic laws. It is best to be defensive while driving. Make sure oncoming drivers see you. Just because you can see them doesn’t mean they can see you. Don’t run through stop signs until you are sure oncoming traffic is stopped. 
  10. Avoid rush hour. If you run or bike in a busy area of town, avoid rush hour if you can for best conditions.