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5 Facts Entrepreneurs Should Know About the Importance of Self-Care

May 25, 2021 – You’re taking care of business, but are you taking care of yourself? Unfortunately, if you’re like many entrepreneurs, you may be overlooking self-care in the process of getting your business up and running. That can be a huge mistake. Especially for your mental and physical health.


That’s because self-care isn’t selfish, and it isn’t negotiable. You need self-care to maintain your body and mind, and in turn, you need self-care so you can be the best at running your new business. If you’ve let self-care fall by the wayside, here’s what Witte Physical Therapy wants you to know.


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Stress Can Lead to Heart Disease


Entrepreneurship and stress pretty much go hand in hand. While not all stress is bad, too much stress can be bad for your health and your heart. Research shows that those who are exposed to chronic levels of stress are more at risk for developing cardiovascular disease.


Business Tools Can Reduce Stress


So how do you avoid high levels of stress when you’re setting up a new business? One way is to use a formation service for your LLC needs, rather than spending a small fortune on attorney fees. You can use these services to look up LLC Nebraska rules and requirements for every other state. Then you can fill out and file the necessary forms online in a matter of minutes. Other ways to reduce stress include outsourcing tasks to specialists (e.g. marketing, web design, accounting, etc.) and even hiring a virtual assistant.


Regular Exercise Can Also Provide Relief


Saving time when it comes to your business can relieve tension. Another trick you can use to reduce the negative impacts of stress is to exercise on a regular basis. When you’re burning calories on a treadmill or with other workouts, you are also burning off excess stress. If you find a regular fitness routine, be sure to couple your workouts with the benefits of physical therapy.


Entrepreneurs Also Need to Eat Healthy


When you’re constantly on the run, you also need convenient food and snack options. Before you reach for premade and processed foods, however, you should know what those choices can do to your body and mind. You may feel a quick energy surge after eating or drinking these treats but you’re also more likely to crash. Then you’ll feel groggy, sluggish and unfocused. Instead, think about setting aside some time on the weekend to prepare healthy meals.


Mindfulness Makes You a Better Business Owner


You may already know that being mindful is good for your brain, but it turns out that this effective self-care tool can also be good for your business. When you cultivate mindfulness with meditation and other practices, you awaken more focus and creativity in your brain. You may also begin to feel more comfortable communicating under pressure and learning from failure. Each of these improvements will build your entrepreneurial skills and boost your business.


Burnout Can Sneak Up on Entrepreneurs


Sometimes you’re just too busy to think about self-care. If you constantly find yourself forgetting about or neglecting your basic needs, being busy may not be the main issue. You could be suffering from burnout. Common signs that you’re on your way to burning out include overlooking basic self-care, avoiding friends and family, a lack of creativity and/or focus, and finally, feelings of physical and mental collapse. Once you get to those last symptoms, taking time off is your best bet for refreshing yourself. That and making more time for regular self-care.


You could put off self-care as you build your business, but why put your health and happiness at risk? Not to mention the success of your new venture. Look for simple and practical ways to fit self-care into your daily routine, so it doesn’t just feel like more work. Finally, don’t make the mistake of thinking that self-care is selfish. After all, your business is depending on you!


Author: Amy Collett 

Photo Credit: Pexels