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This Day In History…

December 15, 2020 – Have you often wondered what makes today any more special than yesterday or tomorrow? I often think about what important historical events have happened on certain days. Today, December 15, is a date that caught my eye. First it is my brother’s 34th birthday. As I was thinking about what else could have happened on this day I stumbled on a few things. Did you know that December 15th is when the Bill of Rights officially became a ratified document? Did you know that December 15 was the day that Dr. James Naismith introduced the first version of basketball? These are two events that really caught my eye (and I suppose the fact that it was my brother’s birthday!).

Let’s get back to the first question, what makes today any more special than yesterday or tomorrow? I would argue that today is more special than tomorrow because tomorrow isn’t promised. But why would today be any more special than yesterday? You could say that your survived yesterday and were granted today. Or you could look it as each day is special in its own right and thus no one day is any more special than another. But what if we thought of it in the following terms. We had a chance yesterday to do something and it did not get done so we were given today to cross it off the list. In terms of our health this can be related to your wellness and physical therapy. 

If you have any aches and pains, if you have trouble doing things today that you could do easier yesterday (or further in the past), if you feel like you are weaker or your balance isn’t as good, then you could start to look at ways to improve these items. A very simple first step is to call Witte Physical Therapy and schedule your free consultation. You can call us at 402-234-3333 (Louisville), 402-298-4747 (Plattsmouth) to schedule your free consultation. At this appointment you will get time with a physical therapist to discuss what is going on and ask questions. Your therapist will provide you with answers as to why you may be experiencing these symptoms and what your next step should be. This next step could include seeing your primary physician or a specialist for further investigation. It could be providing your insurance information to see if you can access physical therapy without a physician referral. Or it could be that you just need some simple advice and basic exercises to feel better. All of these options are provided at no charge. This appointment is a way to get to know us and for us to get to know you so that we can provide you the best education possible to save you money and avoid unnecessary appointments in the future (tomorrow and beyond).

If you want to start your wellness journey then our sister company, Witte 24/7 Wellness, can help you with that first step. Again if you did not call us yesterday than take some time today to give us a call at 402-234-3333 to schedule your free appointment and tour of our fitness facility. We offer a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week fitness facility that meets your needs. There are aerobic machines, cable weight systems, a variety of free weights, plyometrics, and space to complete your floor workout or body weight routine. There are services that allow the therapists and a personal trainer to provide assistance and training for you and your questions. We are running a special promotion for December 2020. If you join now you get your initiation fee or one month’s fee waived!