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Take a Break and Take a Walk!

June 16, 2020 – We have spent the first two weeks of June exploring how to safely get moving after being at home and what guidelines we should be working up to and following as we get back into our exercise routine. This information can be helpful, but how do we get around the excuses of our busy lives. As the world opens back up, we are getting back into sports, meetings, and longer workdays. These changes can make it hard to work into your exercise routine.

There are some easy things that many of us of think about. First, we can park further away from the building while at work so that we get more steps in. We can take the stairs instead of the elevator. We can get in a routine before or after work to make sure we get our exercise in daily. All of these are probably ones that you have heard or thought about before.

Other ways to work exercises into our daily routine are not always so thought about. You can work to get a standing desk or to sit on an exercise ball. These will work on improving core and LE strength. You can take a 15-minute break in the morning and the afternoon to go on a walk, do some squats or planks, or get in a good stretch. Over lunch bring a cold lunch so you can take it on a walk to a park. Suggest a walking meeting instead of sitting around the table.

If you are a morning person get up 45 minutes earlier and get your workout done. If not and you prefer the evening, make sure you a pick a time that you are usually winding down your workday and done with meetings. Even if you have some more work to do after your workout picking a time and sticking with a routine can make that extra 60-90 minutes of work you do after your workout much more productive. And, if you must finish work before you can do anything else or you get home and just don’t have the time, set up a treadmill, bike, or mat in your living room and work out while you are watching TV. Try to avoid thinking you do not have time to work out, but then you realize you just watched 2 hours of TV without leaving the couch.

A young woman smiles as she holds on to two handles on a climbing wall.

Of course, these always seem easier to read than do. Witte Physical Therapy and Witte 24/7 Wellness are here to help you reach your goals. From free consultations to discuss your current physical health and goals, to wellness programs with our therapists, to personal trainers, we have the resources to help you get and stay fit! Give us a call today to discuss your options.