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After being stuck inside how do I get active and get back out!

June 2, 2020 – With all the reasons for us to stay home and stay away from public places and from each other it has been hard to be as active as some of us may want to be. Now there are some signs that we can start youth sports, get back to the gym (Witte 24/7 Wellness is always open!), and get back outside. This is very welcome news, but we need to make sure that we are getting back into our activity in a way that safe and keeps you away from physical therapists like me!

First, we must understand that we cannot pick back up where we left off. We must work our body back into proper conditioning. If we just jump up out of our desk chair, grab our walking shoes, and head outside then we are opening ourselves up for the possibility of soft tissue injuries and pain. And if that was not bad enough there is the new heat that has come upon us and we must get acclimated to that!

So now we know what not to do let’s talk about what we need to do. Start by doing some basic stretching and range of motion exercises in your home. Focus on improving you hip flexor, hamstring, and calf flexibility. Move up to basic range of motion exercises to improve you lower back mobility. Then finish with some activities to strengthening your shoulder blades and open your chest with some pec stretches.

Now let us take it outside. Get back into what makes you happy. Go for a walk on a trail or around the lake. Hop on your bike and take in the sites. Get back to doing some weightlifting or aerobic activities. Just remember to listen to your body and start slowly with your intensity. As the endorphins of exercise are released you will start to feel like a weight has been lifted and you will begin to remember what you have been missing. Take a few weeks to ramp back up and by the 4th of July you will be back on track!

At Witte Physical Therapy we can help make sure you are as prepared as you can be with a consultation to explore your goals and help you meet them. We also offer wellness services with our therapists and trainers at Witte 24/7 Wellness. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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