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Are you dizzy?

March 24, 2020 – If you have ever wondered, “Can you fix vertigo or dizziness?” My question back to you is “Have you heard of vestibular physical therapy?” As we continue our March discussions on balance, we need to understand all the parts of our body that we use for balance. These include our core and leg muscles, our eyes, and our ears. Vestibular rehab focuses mainly on your ears and how they can affect your balance.

Vestibular rehab is an exercise-based program to improve dizziness and other balance issues. We use our muscles to help keep us up right when our balance is tested. We use our eyes to help us maintain our balance by using our landscape to know what is upright. We use our inner ears, or our otolith in our vestibular canals, to help us maintain our sense of our body in space. If one of these 3 systems is out of whack our balance can become severely hampered.

Vestibular rehab focuses on exercises that can help with your inner ear issues that are contributing to your balance problems. If you can stand still with your feet together, but when you move your head like you are saying “no” really fast your balance becomes worse, this could be a vestibular issue. This is a simple test and is only one of the many tests that we can perform to help you assess your vestibular balance.

Witte Physical Therapy has the knowledge and expertise to treat your balance issues caused by weakness, lack of proprioception, or vestibular issues! Call us at 402-234-3333 in Louisville or 402-298-4747 in Plattsmouth today!

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