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Happy 4th of July!!!


Normally on Tuesdays we post a blog about a physical therapy or health topic that is aimed at providing our readers some basic insight into a certain topic. With Independence Day falling on a Tuesday our blog this week will focus on this holiday. 

With the adoption of the Declaration of Independence one of the first steps in the formation of the United States occurred. Through years of sacrifice and growth our country has become a story of success and perseverance. I believe that many of our citizens can point to sacrifices they have preserved through that have lead to their own growth and success. 

Our clinics have the privilege of working with and treating several active duty military members, veterans, and their families. This is a great honor to work with these people in order to help them get back on track, stay healthy, and return to their normal lives and duties. Without people like those who serve in our military and in our government we would not be celebrating Independence Day or living in a country with the rights and freedoms that we get to enjoy.

Please take some time today to reflect on this day and its meaning and to give thanks to those who go above and beyond to protect it!