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The Freedom to Choose Your Physical Therapy Clinic

November 15, 2022

World Freedom Day was first established as a federal observance on November 09 by President George W. Bush in 2001. This holiday celebrates the fall of the Berlin Wall in the year 1989. The wall was originally built to separate East Berlin, which was under Soviet control at the time, and West Berlin. It prevented the immigration of citizens, creating a divide between families and signifying the control of the communists.

This wall angered citizens, and they eventually came to climbing over the wall to escape control and reunite with families. This rebellion resulted in death of citizens as well as destruction of the wall itself. The destruction became the ultimate demise of the wall, and it fell in 1989, allowing for immigration between East and West Berlin to resume. The fall of the wall not only ended communist control in this region, it signified freedom and the great power of a democracy.

After the Berlin Wall fell, citizens were suddenly free to travel about between East and West Berlin, free to reunite with their families, free to work where they wanted, and able to finally live free of communist control. Freedom was reinstated for these citizens in every aspect, and it is this freedom that makes World Freedom Day one to be celebrated by all.

Here in the United States, freedom gives us the power to choose. We can wear what we want to wear, drive what we want to drive, receive an education at the school we want to attend, and so on. This freedom extends to our lives in every aspect, including healthcare. It can be easy to passively participate in our own healthcare. We listen to the doctor’s recommendations and typically accept them, assuming He has the best answers for us. However, we have the power to take complete control of our healthcare. This includes the medicines we take, the scans we receive, and the practitioners we choose to entrust with our health. As physical therapists, we know how important it is to find a practitioner or clinic you feel completely comfortable in and are happy with.

Knowledge is power. Don’t be afraid to do your research for the right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to stand up to your medical provider and say “No!” if you feel there is a better option! Many will bring their recommendations to the table, but what if you have a history with a clinic and you appreciate their care? Let the doctor know! Taking control of your healthcare is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Utilize the freedoms our leaders and soldiers have fought so hard for. Appreciate the power to choose and take advantage of it! It is what makes our country so great!