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How to Feed your Hungry Heart!

February 18, 2020 – How does that cheeseburger and side salad affect your heart health? Can you have that fruit smoothie and not have to worry about your heart? We probably don’t think too often about our diet and how it affects our heart health, but since February is Heart Month it is important to understand how hard we can work our heart physically and through the food we eat.

Foods that we should eat include:

  1. Cooking in extra virgin olive oil and not other vegetable oil
  2. Eating more berries for our fruit intake
  3. Making sure we are eating enough nuts per day, but not too many
  4. Green leafy vegetables are the best vegetables
  5. More plant-based proteins than animal based protein

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Foods that we should limit or avoid include

  1. High dose antioxidant supplements
  2. Juicing of fruit or vegetables with pulp removal
  3. Foods containing gluten
  4. Eggs
  5. Southern diets (fried foods and processed meats)

Planning out what you are going to eat ahead of time will make following these changes easier. We can try to exercise our heart better (see previous blog posts), but if we don’t eat right then we are only going to see partial results. This works in the opposite way as well, eating right and sitting on the couch won’t get us the results we want. Our heart health is very important to a long a health life.

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