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Witte Physical Therapy Areas of Concentration: Pediatric Physical Therapy

June 6, 2023


As a small community physical therapy company, we try to be as many things to as many people as we can. We try to serve our community both inside our clinic and outside.


Outside of our clinic we work to support many different groups and organizations to ensure they have the resources they need to continue to thrive in and serve their communities. We provide community service and work to be an advocate for our communities by being involved with different groups and boards.


Inside of our clinics we have worked to assemble a staff that puts patients first. They work to build an individualized plan for each patient so that not all patients who have had a total knee replacement get the same plan. We have also worked to get our staff extra training and experience in many different aspects of physical therapy. We have an orthopedic certified specialist on board. We have a therapist who has taken a special interest and more advanced training in vestibular and balance therapies. We have a therapist who has seen and worked with a variety of women’s health issues. And finally, we have a therapist who has an extensive background in pediatric therapy. These are just a few of the areas that we have tried to work with as many patients as possible for our therapists. Today, let’s focus on our pediatric population and what we can do to help.


We are not a clinic that says we can see everyone. In the pediatric population there is a group of patients who need to be seen in a more complex setting. However, we can help many of our pediatric patients with their concerns. We can work with the on different aspects of the injuries, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, or other developmental disorders. We can provide a clinic that is close to home and often smaller and less hectic than the larger clinics or health centers. This often helps kids stay calm and focused during their treatment. We can provide education and guidance on the disorders that are plaguing them and work with their families on plans for home and their improvement. We can work with other providers for adaptive equipment and enhancements to make their lives easier. We can not only provide their therapy care but be an advocate for what they need and work to help them obtain those items.

Pediatric Physical Therapy


If you have a child who could use some physical therapy or you could use a resource to talk to about their healthcare, give us a call!