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Family Health and Fitness

May 30, 2023

Witte Full Service Physical Therapy

As we continue to look at our overall wellness and the role that physical therapy (and our 24/7 Wellness Center) can play it is important to note an upcoming date. The second Saturday in June (June 10th) is Family Health and Fitness Day. It is a day designed to promote the parks and rec departments of our local communities, county, and state. It notes the importance using these local and state resources to get our with your family, enjoy the outdoors, and get active. 

For some people getting and being active can create two problems. The issues that come with starting to become more active and the issues that come with an increased or prolonged active lifestyle. Physical therapy can help with both of these issues. Sometimes before starting a new activity it is important to get checked out in the muscles and joints that will be challenged with that activity. Physical therapy can be used to check out for issues before you start something new. You can get specific stretches or exercises to make sure that you are prepared for the new activity. Once you have started the new activity sometimes the repetition of your new favorite activity can cause issues over time. Repeatedly doing the some routine or movement can wear out joints and muscles faster and thus physical therapy could be needed to help with these issues. Physical therapy can work to identify the movement pattern, ensure that it is being done correctly and without compensation, and work to adjust your activity to avoid these repetitive motions. 

At Witte Physical Therapy we also have the benefit of  having a 24/7 Wellness facility attached to our clinic. This allows for our patients to go back and forth and utilize both facilities and see our therapists in both places. We can use traditional physical therapy methods in the clinic or more advanced work in the wellness facility. If you would like a chance to see our facilities, meet our therapists, or have a free consultation to discuss your options give us a call!