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Why I Chose to Become a PT?

October 10, 2023


October is National Physical Therapy month. During this month each year there are several themes that are usually addressed by the APTA and physical therapists throughout the country. Last week we talked about the cost benefit of physical therapy and how it can provide benefits to you for years to come, both physically and economically. This week I want to share why I became a physical therapist.

The first reason I became a physical therapist was due to my involvement in it. When I was in 5th grade, I had surgery on both of my legs to correct my “pigeon toed” posture. This surgery included a few months in a wheelchair, followed by braces, and lots of rehab to get back to playing sports and being a typical 5th grade kid. This surgery also prompted two more surgeries over the next 6 years. After that I tore my MCL my senior year of high school and then in my senior year of college I fractured a vertebra and ruptured a disc in my back. All these instances required varying degrees of physical therapy.

The second reason I became a therapist was that I wanted to help people. Because of this desire I knew from a young age that I wanted to do something in the medical field. I looked at being a physician or a dentist, but ultimately settled on being a physical therapist. This field allows me to see a patient at a low point in their life and provide them assistance to make it better. I get to see them at their lowest and then I get to see them improve and leave at a high point. Because of this I get to know my patients more on a personal level and often times I make lifetime connections to my patients.

These are my reasons for becoming a physical therapist. Therapy is a diverse field of professionals that come from a variety of backgrounds. We all have our own reasons and paths to becoming a physical therapist, but the common reason is to help our patients get better and achieve their goals. This is the most rewarding part of my career, and I am thankful for it.