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Happy Labor Day!!!

September 4, 2023


We have just completed Labor Day weekend. This is a weekend of celebration of the annual accomplishments of the workforce and is noted as a federal holiday and a day off for many people. In many larger cities it often includes a parade to acknowledge the larger workforces of the area. Examples include many labor unions and city workers.

As we look at Labor Day and its history of celebration, I believe we can tie it in to physical therapy. Labor Day is a celebration of the work done by so many of the year. For our patients’ physical therapy is work. (Luckily for our therapists, physical therapy is fun!) We try to make physical therapy as fun as possible, but it takes the work and dedication of our patients to come to each appointment and to make the most of it. Our patients work extremely hard in the clinic and with their programs at home to get better as fast as they can. Our therapists work hard to provide a fun atmosphere for our patients to improve and be cared for.

I hope everyone used this past weekend as an opportunity to celebrate the work they have put in this year and to renew their dedication to continue to put in 100% effort moving forward. Our therapists will continue to work hard, train and educate themselves to give our patients 100% of their effort in developing plans of care that are specialized to each individual patient. I know our patients will do the same to follow that plan of care and complete their home exercise plan to maximize their results and efficiency.

We look forward to a great last few month of 2023 and for the opportunity to plan for an even better 2024!