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Witte Physical Therapy Areas of Concentration – Orthopedics

August 8, 2023


Many people think of outpatient physical therapy and orthopedics as being the same thing. They feel that the main reason to go to a physical therapy clinic is because of pain or issues they are experiencing from an orthopedic issue. Orthopedic structures tend to fall into 3 categories: bone, muscle, and ligament. These tend to be the causes of back pain, shoulder, knee, or other joint pain, pulled muscles, joint replacements, worker’s compensation accidents, motor vehicle accidents, rotator cuff and other types of shoulder repairs, and the list goes on and on. For these issues physical therapy is a very common non-invasive, conservative treatment option that could save you from unnecessary medications, injections, and procedures.

At Witte Physical Therapy we have an Orthopedic Certified Specialist who can assist in the formation of our patient’s individualized plan of care and who regularly trains our therapists on how to treat and progress these issues as effectively and efficiently as possible. A therapist who has obtained an Orthopedic Certified Specialist certification has received extra training and successfully passed an additional federal board examination to be recognized as a specialist in the management and treatment of orthopedics. Witte Physical Therapy is fortunate to have one of the 5% of physical therapists who have achieved a specialist certification.

Treatment of any orthopedic condition can include a wide range of interventions using many different “tools from our toolbox”. While every treatment for every patient needs to be properly evaluated and assessed by a physical therapist to provide the best care for each individual patient, the list of interventions we can use is endless. Manual therapy can be used to improve soft tissue abnormalities and extensibility to improve motion and flexibility. Exercise can be used to improve strength and mobility. Other interventions can improve balance, stability, coordination, and function. Aquatic therapy, functional dry needling, IASTM, and many other tools can be used to improve all these areas. Witte Physical Therapy can address all these areas and use all of these tools to maximize your results!