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Common Hand Injuries

July 5, 2022

It is (was) fireworks season. Unfortunately the hand surgeons and therapists never look forward to this time of year because inevitably accidents will happen that will cause injuries to hands, bodies and face due to fireworks. While these injuries are not overly common, it does give us a great platform to discuss the most common hand injuries.


These injuries in the hand tend to be directed more towards nerves and tendons. Carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, medial or lateral epicondylitis, and De’Quervein’s syndrome. These can all be treated with activity modification, physical therapy interventions, and medications. Physical therapy will help you adjust your activities, regain your ROM and strength, and decrease you pain so that you can return to your normal life without issues. 


These injuries tend to occur due to tendon or ligament dysfunction or rupture. Swan Neck, Boutonniere, Mallet, Trigger, and Depuytren’s are all issues that can cause a finger deformity. These issues often need splinting or surgery to be corrected. Physical therapy tends to be indicated after surgery to help regain normal function and strength. Physical therapy can also help with bracing, activity modification, and pain/swelling management.


These can be caused by nerve dysfunction (such as peripheral neuropathy, hypo/hypertonicity) or traumatic injuries (fractures, burns, sprains, amputations). The physical therapy treatment for these items can vary depending on what is going on and its severity. However an individualized treatment plan can be developed to meet your wants and needs and contain a variety of interventions to help you reach your goals.

Hand therapy services

No matter the hand  injury, physical therapy can and  should be an integral part of your rehab. An evaluation by a physical therapist can get your started on the right path to decrease your pain and improve your function to get you back to work, back on the course, or just back to taking care of yourself. The quicker you start this path the quicker you will be back to being you!