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How to Properly Hydrate

June 7, 2022

Drinking fluids such as water play a vital role in your overall health. Not drinking enough fluids can lead to dehydration, increased joint stiffness, muscle cramps, mood changes, kidney stones and memory loss to just name a few. Benefits of improved hydration include improved memory, digestive harmony, improved energy, weight management, heart health and improved mood. We get most of our daily hydration from the fluids we drink so it is important to opt for drinks with less sugar, better alternatives include plain water, sparkling or flavored water, plain tea or plain coffee to improve overall health and function of your body. Other beverages that can aid in hydration however should be consumed within recommended dietary caloric intake include low or fat free milk, 100% fruit juice or vegetable juice and in some instances sports beverages. These alternatives to water can include nutritional benefits including vitamin D, calcium or potassium.


It is even more important as the summer months approach to increase your fluid intake to account for increased body temperature and sweating. Increased hydration is also important in instances when you may be running a fever or have been ill. Some tips to improve your water intake could include a new water bottle, serving water during your meals, adding fruit such as lemons or vegetables such as cucumbers to add flavor or freezing a bottle of water you can drink all day long. A good rule of thumb for maintaining proper hydration recommended by most physicians is six to eight, eight-ounce glasses a day. It is important to discuss your health history, needs and medications with your physician to discover an intake goal that will best meet your needs.


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