Louisville NE 68037 & Plattsmouth NE 68048


May 10, 2022

It is an important milestone in everyone’s life. Graduation! Whether you are graduating from kindergarden, 5th or 6th grade, high school, college, or physical therapy, it is important to celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. 

We often give patients the opportunity to celebrate their last day in therapy in a variety of ways. Some like to share snacks, some like to have some new music played during their final workout, and some like to have their picture taken with our graduation sign.

However, I want to focus this post on the high school graduations that are currently taking place.

We have been blessed at Witte PT to treat several high school students, especially this year high school seniors. While going to therapy is not everyone’s first choice we are glad that so many trust us with their care. This year’s group of seniors have put in a lot of time, sweat, and tears to get through their injuries and get back to living their life. Many of these students athletes want to return to their respective sports and many have exceled in doing so. However, it is this group of students and caliber of their character I want to comment on. Whether they have been from Plattsmouth, Weeping Water, Conestoga, Elmwood Murdock, Logan View, Scribner Snyder, West Point, Papillion, Gretna, or Louisville the character of these kids has been outstanding. All of these districts are losing great young men and women who help to set a culture of positivity and success. Success in the classroom, success on the field or court, and success in how they treat their fellow students and teachers. That is what I will miss the most. They were hard working and a great group of student athletes for our younger students to look up to. I have no doubt they will be successful in their future endeavors!

Thank you from Witte PT for all your hard work and what you have done for the classes below you!