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How to Prepare for Spring Yard Work

April 19, 2022

Even though the weather hasn’t supported it, spring is here. And while the cold and wind make it feel like late fall or early winter, it is time to start working on those outdoor projects. With the drier weather we have had our landscaping and yard work has been delayed, but soon it will be time to get those areas cleaned up, fertilized and cut.

It is important as we start looking at outdoor projects that we make sure we are both ready to do them physically and then completing them safely. Here are some things to consider:

  1. It is tough to start pulling weeds, lifting rock and mulch, pushing mowers, holding a weed eater, dragging hoses, etc, when we haven’t done anything all winter. Take some time to condition your body to be ready for these activities. Start a walking program working on improving leg strength and aerobic endurance. Take some time do some squats or sits to stands to improve leg strength and to work on proper squat form. Do some basic stretching for your arms, trunk, legs, and back before and after your yardwork.
  2. Once we get into the actual work it is important to think about two main things. First, remember to use your core. Whether you are lifting a bag of mulch or using your weed eater, it is important to use your core to avoid any excessive strain on your lower back. Secondly whether you are bending over to pick up the rocks or pull the weeds we need to take the time to squat down by bending our knees and not flexing forward at our waist. By thinking about using our core and squatting properly we take the steps necessary to decrease the most stress through our back that we can.

Spring (and Summer) are great times to get outside, get active, and get those projects done. Just remember to prepare yourself properly for them. Utilizing physical therapy to help get ready for these seasons will keep you from getting injured and save you money on having to go through more therapy visits and forced down time after an injury.