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Hand Therapy

February 22, 2022

Your hands are an extension of your personality often allowing you to show your skill set including sewing, work working, farming or painting for examples. Hand therapy specifically is geared toward restoring the function in your fingers, hands and wrists and sometimes shoulders to allow you to continue with the things you love to do. Participating in hand therapy can result from a surgical procedure, non-operative injury or be part of preventative measures. We assess the strength and range of motion of your fingers, hand, elbow and shoulder along with your nerve sensation to determine a plan specific for you. After assessing your current deficits, we can use techniques such as manual therapy, use of various equipment ranging in textures and shapes along with use of ultrasound or e-stim to help you return to pinching, griping, finger dexterity, with less pain. We alter our plan based on your specific lifestyle and personal goals. Participating in hand therapy can get you back to buttoning your favorite shirt or completing your favorite hobby with less pain.