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Athletic Training Month and Witte Physical Therapy

March 23, 2021 – As a part of National Athletic Training Month, we will be talking about athletic trainers and what they do! Witte Physical Therapy is fortunate to have an athletic trainer or two among its employees. Isabelle currently serves the Plattsmouth High School. The other trainers work as needed with various local high schools and events.  

The AT slogan of 2021 is “Essential to Health Care.” This is becoming more evident each year and is a big reason why Witte Physical Therapy has added athletic trainers to its team.

Athletic trainers are more than clinicians who work with sports injuries. Athletic trainers:


  • Minimize the risk of injury and illness through education and promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Implement evidence-based assessments to formulate clinical care plans
  • Integrate practices in immediate and emergency care for the best possible outcomes
  • Help to address injuries, illnesses, and general medical conditions with the goal of achieving optimal activity level through exercise, manual techniques and modalities


Athletic trainers are an integral part of an athlete’s healthcare team. They provide another level of healthcare that can help identify issues earlier and treat issues faster. When they work in unison with the physician, school nurse, physical therapist, parents, and coaches they can help to provide more efficient care to the athlete. Working with athletic trainers at Witte Physical Therapy allows us an avenue to get the athlete back to their sport faster and often in a more cost-effective way for the athlete and their family.

Witte Physical Therapy is proud to work with athletic trainers and we look forward to growing this partnership in the future. It is another way that we are trying to give back to our communities and provide them with the resources of bigger cities. By keeping the athlete and their family within the Witte Physical Therapy team is allows us to work in a more effective and efficient way to return them back to the game!


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