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January 19, 2021 – The profession of physical therapy does not exist on its own. Just like the medical, dental, and pharmaceutical industries, physical therapy has an association that provides a stronger voice and a collective movement working to give physical therapists some much needed support. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) provides many resources to physical therapists and patients about the profession and role of physical therapy.

Recently, the APTA changed one of their messages to state, “We are building a community that advances the profession of physical therapy to improve the health of society”. I feel like this is a very strong and important statement, especially about “improving the health of society” and I want to share what Witte Physical Therapy does to support that part of the statement.

Witte Physical Therapy strives to be a vital member of the community. We work hard as a business to support the other businesses and organizations found in our communities. We achieve this by volunteering for boards, utilizing local goods and resources, and financially supporting local nonprofit groups. We also work hard to support our patients. We take the time to go the extra mile to make sure they are getting the care they need and deserve.

How do we work to improve the health of society? At Witte Physical Therapy we have tried to implement several programs to help improve the health of society.

    1. First, we offer free consultations to our communities. These consultations can be used to ask about why they are in pain, what a physical therapy plan for them may look like, to provide a glimpse into how their current fitness level is or is not working in their lives, and other similar reasons. These consultations can be used to ask about what type of physician and who they should go and see for further evaluation, to discuss general health and wellness questions, and other things of that nature.
    2. Second, we have put more money and resources into out sister company, Witte 24/7 Wellness. Its purpose is to allow people to “Get In. Get Fit. Get On With Life.” We have this facility to offer our patients a chance to continue with their exercise program to maintain their gains made with our physical therapy programs and to further their health and wellness. We have this facility for our local communities to have access to a variety of equipment and resources that can help them work on and maintain their fitness goals any day and at any time. In this facility we have the ability to come across the hall and as therapists work with people. In this facility we have a personal trainer who will meet with you and assess your goals and help develop a plan for you to reach these goals.
    3. Lastly, we work hard to provide education within our physical therapy clinics and outside of it. We have and continue to work with local schools and organizations to provide educational opportunities. These opportunities include internships and shadowing opportunities for students. The internships allow for physical therapy students to get experience and work towards completing their didactic and clinical work to become a full time independent physical therapist. The shadowing opportunities are for junior high and high school students to come and learn about the day in a life of a physical therapist. We go outside of our clinic walls and provide education to schools and local organizations about what physical therapy is, how to become a physical therapist, what physical therapy can do for a variety of age groups, genders, and other demographics.

I want Witte Physical Therapy to be more than just another physical therapy company. I want Witte Physical Therapy to work closely with patients before, during, and after they come to one of our clinics. I want Witte Physical Therapy to provide educational activities and opportunities. I want Witte Physical Therapy to be a key member of the healthcare team that helps to be an advocate for the benefit of our patients.

If you want to be a patient of a physical therapy company that wants to go above and beyond for you please call Witte Physical Therapy at 402-234-3333 in Louisville, 402-298-4747 in Plattsmouth.