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We’ve Made It to 2021!

January 7, 2021 – Now that we spent last week reflecting on what happened in 2020, we can begin to look forward to this year and 2021! Early reports of the vaccine seem promising and they are starting to let people back into events. We have had time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t work in 2020 and this can be the foundation to starting to figure out what our goals for 2021 should be.

We use goals in therapy all the time. Once we set up your plan of care at your initial evaluation we set up goals. Often we have short and long term goals for our patients. Our short term goals focus more on the numbers. Improving range of motion, improving functional outcome questionnaire scores, improving home exercise program tolerance, etc. Our long term goals focus more on your functions. We want to improve your ability to get back to work, get back on the court, get back to your hobbies, etc. From these goals we look at what are goals are for each treatment session. These can be as simple as improving the reps a patient can tolerate. They can be more complex and focusing on breaking down techniques into smaller steps to ensure that we are being as thorough as we can.

We as individuals should also take the time in January to think about and write down our own personal goals for 2021. These could be about how we want to treat others, how we want to associate with our family, how we want to progress in our career, how we want to improve our financial stability, and how we want to address our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. And that is probably just the tip of the iceberg! These goals will be much easier to follow and meet if we take the time to write them down and re-visit them monthly. Mark it down on your calendar and make sure to take the time to address these goals each month in 2021. Then in December 2021 we can look to reflect on the year and our goals and set ourselves up for an even better 2022!