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Insurance vs Cash Pay, which is best?

October 13, 2020 – Often, we get the following question, “Does my insurance cover physical therapy”? I wish this were a simple answer, but unfortunately it cannot be. Many insurance companies offer multiple plans that result in many different answers to the above question.

United HealthCare does not provide the same coverage as Aetna. Blue Cross Blue Shield does not provide the same coverage as Medica. Medicare does not provide the same coverage as UHC AARP Medicare Advantage. This can be confusing for a patient to navigate. At Witte Physical Therapy we will work to provide you with the most complete answer we can get from your insurance company on your cost. This answer means that we will work to find out your deductible, out of pocket maximum, co-payment, co-insurance, and visit limits to put together your costs as best we can providing you the most complete information possible. Most of the time these costs are controlled and determined by your insurance plan and not by Witte Physical Therapy, but we can help you navigate what this means and what your options are.

If you do not have any insurance or your insurance coverage requires you to pay too much out of pocket you have the option of paying for therapy via cash pay. This means that you pay for your visit each time without submitting anything to your insurance company. Witte Physical Therapy offers competitive cash pay rates for our services and will work with you to understand what your options are and what is best for you.

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