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Active and Consistent Nightly Routines for your Child

August 11, 2020 – How can we get our kids the rest they need and in the right routine for them to be ready for school? This is a question a lot of parents ask as they start to prepare to get back into a routine after months away from school.

A lot of us probably do not realize how important sleep is. Sleep is the body’s best time to repair itself after a long day of wear and tear. Sleep helps to prevent many different diseases, including heart disease. Sleeps helps to improve concentration and decrease excessive eating. Don’t those sound important?

Now that we know how important sleep is, how do we get our kids in a routine? It is important to establish a bedtime at night and start the bed routine no more than 30 minutes before that time. If bedtime is 9pm, then the bedtime routine should start around 830pm. Kids should start to pick up their toys and games to clean up their area from the day. Remember you are in charge. Children will find out that they can prolong bedtime by asking for more books, a glass of water, having their stuffed animals just right, or about anything that is going to require you to be with them for longer. Set your routine and stick to it. Pick up toys, put on pajamas, brush your teeth, pick out a book to read, and then give them a kiss goodnight. Sticking to the routine will help it to become their new habit.

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