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How to Sleep with Shoulder Pain

July 28, 2020 – One of the more frustrating aspects to having shoulder pain is not being able to sleep. Side sleepers find this especially aggravating. However, if your shoulder pain is really bad or you have some shoulder instability sleeping in your bed can be downright painful. Many people move to a recliner to try to get some rest. Below are some helpful hints to trying to get a good night’s sleep with shoulder pain.

    1. Avoid sleeping on the shoulder that hurts. Trying laying on your other side, back, or stomach with your shoulder in a comfortable position.
    2. Use more pillows to help prop your shoulder in a comfortable spot or to stop you from rolling back onto your hurt shoulder.
    3. Sleep with your arm held close to your body by keeping your arm inside of a t-shirt instead of putting it through the arm sleeve.
    4. Stay active during the day to promote better blood flow. This blood flow can help with healing. But avoid being too active and causing increased pain and inflammation that can manifest at night.
    5. Use medication as needed. Make sure you are taking what your doctor or pharmacist allows for your needs.Try to maintain the same sleep schedule. This includes what time you go to bed, what avoid eating or drinking before bed, and what time you usually wake up.

If these strategies do not do the trick for you give us a call at 402-234-3333 in Louisville or 402-298-4747 in Plattsmouth for a more complex consultation to see what your next steps should be.


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