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How to kick Uncle Arthur out the door!

May 26, 2020 – So “Uncle Arthur” keeps showing up and we need to know how to get rid of him. He is such an unwanted guest and his presence stops us from doing what we want to do.

Most of us first think of going to the doctor and getting some medicine. There are some options that can help with pain, inflammation, etc, but are these the safest? Should this be the only option that we use or should this be just another option we use in conjunction with other treatments?

Physical therapy is a very viable option. It can help with improving your ROM, which is limited by the changes in your joint, and your strength, which has been decreased causing issues with joint stability. Getting you and your joints moving may help with the ability to lose some weight, which can decrease the stress and pressure through your joints. This is the safest way to avoid putting anything foreign in your body.

Of course, meds and physical therapy are not always enough. For those situations your best option to have surgery to repair, replace, or fuse the joint. For the best results you should avoid fusion as much as possible. The three best reasons to have a joint replacement surgery are pain, pain, and pain. Physical therapy can provide some relief before surgery and can help your rehab after surgery (see our Prehab blog on our blog page).

No matter what is best for you it should be comforting to know that you have options. Witte Physical Therapy can help you navigate which option is best for you. Call us in Louisville at 402-234-3333 or Plattsmouth at 402-298-4747 for a free consultation of your arthritis pain.

I would also like to take this time to thank each of our veterans that have or are currently serving. With Memorial Day this week we want to take the time to remember those that have been lost fighting for our freedom and those loved ones we have lost. You are never forgotten!

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