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Have you ever wanted to grab that bike?

April 28, 2020 – If you have been keeping up with our blogs, you have seen how to start a walking program and a running program the last few weeks. But what if you do not want to run or you are more of a bike rider? Then today’s blog is for you. Let us learn how to start a bike riding program.

The website “trainright.com” starts by mentioning your equipment. What is the point of starting a steady riding program if our bikes are not ready? Make sure to have your bike checked by a professional. This will ensure it is working well mechanically, is adjusted and fit to you. This will help make the bike as efficient as possible and more enjoyable for you.

The website “bicycling.com” gives us some good guidelines of intensity levels that we have discussed in earlier blogs. These tips include bicycling speeds, how it should feel on your legs and your breathing. Remember we want to start low in intensity and work our way up to more intense levels as our bodies are ready for it.

cycling training for beginners

It is recommended that you increase your workouts by 10% over the course of the week and to remember to use your rest days as needed. As you become more familiar you can start to work into more interval training where you increase your intensity for shorter bursts of time. Then you decrease your intensity for a longer period as you prepare for your next increase in intensity. Both websites mentioned have programs for you to follow based on distance, time, and rides per week.

Of course, if you start these programs and have any questions or concerns please contact us in Louisville at 402-234-3333 or Plattsmouth at 402-298-4747.

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