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Are You Safe to be Outside?

March 10, 2020 – March is patient safety month so let’s take some time to explore many different aspects of safety. This week we are going to focus on how to be safe in your community environment.

Many of us, especially as we get wiser in our years, have issues or concerns as we go out for our daily tasks. These issues can include navigate curbs, going through a crowd, the length of the walk to and thru the store, driving in traffic, among other items.

How do we navigate through these obstacles? Is it ok to feel like we should be avoiding these things for our safety? These are great questions that we are going to answer.

First, navigating through these obstacles is very much attainable. Using a suitable assistive device can help us navigate curbs and work in a crowd. Staying close to objects for stability can also help. Getting a shopping cart to help us make the walk into and thru the store can make that trip not seem too long. Avoid busier traffic times may also help.

We should never feel like we need to stay in and avoid what we want to do in order to be safe. There are always ways to make these activities and others that make us feel unsafe a better situation for us. These include things that we can help you address in physical therapy. Call us at 402-234-3333 in Louisville and at 402-298-4747 in Plattsmouth.

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